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Coin Pusher Mystery Bag Giveaway! Live! Sunday May 30th 2021

Mystery Bag Game!!!


Join us at our coin pusher and digger machine and answer our Mystery Bag Question for a chance to WIN a Mystery Bag!

Each video has a "Mystery Bag" on the play field.  We ask a "Mystery Bag Question".   Those viewers who comment within the first 24 hours of the video going live, provide the correct answer, and are eligible to win are entered in a unique drawing to win that Mystery Bag!  Entries not included in the drawing are deemed ineligible. 

All videos 220+ have completed their drawings, and are no longer eligible for a Mystery Bag.  Comments are appreciated, and we will attempt to reply to as many as possible.  

As of November 2,2020 drawings for all videos will be held in the next Live Mystery Bag Game (Drawing), typically on the Sunday of the week the video is posted, at  Sunday at 9:00 am PT/12pm ET.  Once the drawing is held, no new correct answers to the Mystery Bag Question will be eligible for the drawing.  The Mystery Bags contain objects of little monetary value and are intended simply to be fun items to receive. There is no entry fee and we cover the cost of postage.  No purchase necessary to win.  All rules/contestants agree to follow US rules and regulations for drawings/gifts.

The items are not "adult" in nature but since we can't exactly solicit address information from children entries need to be adults, 18 years and older.  We have zero interest in retaining, using or sharing winners addresses beyond sending you your prize.  We are not creepers, honest!

Contestants will notified via a comment in YouTube.  Contestants have 14 days to provide shipping and contact information.  After 14 days, prizes are forfeit, and may be recycled in future Mystery Bag Games.  
Good Luck Everyone!

John, Cheri, Rena & Mac

Prvacy Policy

What information do we collect from contestants as part of this contest??
Only YouTube handles are collected from contestants.  If you are a winner, you will be notified via comment on YouTube, and which point we will collect your shipping address only.  No additional information will be collected

How do we use the information?
This information is used solely for the purposes of selecting the contest winner, and shipping the item to the winner.  Winners may elect not to disclose their address, in which case we will not be able to ship them the prize

What information do we share?
Shipping addresses may be shared with a third party strictly for the purposes of printing shipping labels with USPS.  

YouTube is not a sponsor of our Mystery Bag Game, and is not affiliated with our content or prizes. All viewers who enter into the contest agree to release YouTube, WePlayYouWin, Cheri, and John from any and all liability related to our contest, content or videos.  We produce this content and prizes for fun, as a way of giving back to the global community.  Cheers!

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